Charlatans, Rainmakers and CEO’s

I thought it was a good time to mention some folks that pissed me off this year, and a few that I have a new respect for. Some were just innocently wrong.

Alan Greenspan-underestimated things

Ben Bernanke- miscalculated things

Alan Schwartz- said things were nifty and went bankrupt days later

Aubrey McClendon-went “ENRON” on himself

Boone Pickens- another hedgie that never hedged, wrong and out of business.

Dick Fuld-charlatan who looked down from his ivory tower as Rome burned.

Hank Paulson-lobbied hard for 40:1 leverage while at Goldman, then gets the keys to the kingdom and pulls a bait and switch on America.

Most hedge funds.

All mutual funds

Jimmy Cayne- was playing bridge and toking while Bear imploded.

Every analyst

Bill Miller-cuz value only works in bull markets.

The auto industry

The mortgage brokers.

The incompetents at the rating agencies- why aren’t they in front of the Senate?

John Thaine-golden boy that doesn’t get enough shit.

…..and hat tips to:

Nouriel Roubini
Meredith Whitney
Gary Shilling
Peter Schiff
Doug Kass

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