Things That I Can’t Friggin Believe-2

That the Feds have bait and switched America with this obscene bailout.

That Stammerin’ Hank seems more clueless with everyday that goes by.

That Jose Canseco is bankrupt and is doing any thing for grocery money.

That Jose Canseco claims he has no libido and has nuts the size of raisins because of steroid abuse. Really?

That men are having babies.

That Wall St. is still giving the players sick bonuses, where would they go anyway?

That any bank still pays a friggin dividend.

That the U.S. Post Office is $ 3 billion in red.

That GE is getting guaranteed for 138 billion

That Al Franken exists.

That we’ll probably throw $50 billion at the autos, oh and by the way, $10 billion to the City of Detroit. Not a Detroit hater, just saying.

That doctors think they may have cured AIDS.

That funds of funds exist.

That no one in a position of authority asked Meredith Whitney for her opinion about the financials ,but proceed to hire an ex Goldman yes man to run the program.

That people get pissed that good hedge fund managers get paid 2 and 20 when 90% of mutual funds lost money this year.

That mutual funds exist.

That some people still wax poetic about buy and hold

That the old men that are clueless about finance make life altering decisions about our financial system.

That they haven’t come out with 5x leverage short etf’s yet.

That I thought for a minute today that this was the bottom.

That the Jets just scored first on the Patriots.

That people want to buy stocks when the most overplayed commercial on TV is “Saved By Zero.”

That we will probably be in a zero interest environment by the first quarter.

That I haven’t heard a Guiseppe Franco commercial since the baseball season ended.

That Guiseppe Franco exists.

That people buy shit from Guiseppe Franco.

That I didn’t see perma bull Ned Reilly on CNBC today calling his fifteenth bottom in as many weeks.

That I had to watch 50 other people call bottoms though.

That I’m actually writing all this.

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