Things That I Can’t Friggin Believe

That LVS has gone from $122 to $6 and may rollover.

That GM and F are going woodshed

That LEH, BSC, AIG, WB, FNM , FRE don’t exist anymore.

That AA which I used to trade in the high thirties is $10.

That Ben Bernanke still can’t say we’re in a recession.

That banks are hording $700 billion and sticking the consumer.

That people still listen to analysts.

That the analysts that upgraded Potash to a wicked crazy strong buy at 245 with a $355 target still have jobs.

That even now, NO ONE thinks outside the box.

That CNBC chuckles when Roubini or Whitney come on as if they are mad.

That the same guy that lobbied hard for 40 to 1 leverage at Goldman now has all the keys to the hen house.

The Octabox

That everyone talks at the same tme while on the Octabox

That Jim Cramer still has people that call in and say BBBBBBBB-BOOYA

That Jim Cramer still has people.

That there are about 11,000 reality shows

That the president of Bear Stearns went on national TV and said they were flush with cash and had no counter party risk and went bankrupt a few days later.

That Jimmy Cayne cared more about bridge and Acapulco Gold than running a company.

That millionaires have become thousandaires

That 401k’s are now 201k’s

That Dick Fuld is clueless.

That the guys on the Senate Finance Commitee know less about the market than my Uncle Ned who sips steak through a straw.

That Uncle Ned is stll around.

That we are going to a zero interest rate environment but mortgage rates won’t budge.

That MAROON 5 exists as anything.

That many people can’t make their car, house or auto payments.

That Brittney Spears hasn’t shaved anything in six months.

That John Mayer thinks he’s profound.

That I didn’t think of twitter.

That my 11 year old son knows more about politics than I knew at 25.

That C.C Sabathia will probably get $27 million per year as a free agent.

That I’m not C.C Sabathia.

That my blog is exploding and I still don’t know what HTML is.

Just my stuff.

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