When Men Were Men And The Wannabes Knew It

One thing is for sure, there will be a winner tomorrow. I will be miserable no matter the outcome. I started my Wall Street career a few years after the Gipper started his career in the White House and it resulted in obscene prosperity for the country and for me. Gone were the 19% interest rates under Carter, the high taxes, the beginning of the end of the welfare state that he had created. I could even take off my sweater that Jimmy told me to wear as the oil crisis was coming to an end. I didn’t have to buy gas on odd days anymore and the Russians crawled back into the corner where they belonged. Interest rates plummeted and the market soared to record heights. Democrats and Republicans were pretty happy back then, there was limited vitriol and hatred and there were probably less fanatical liberals as there were less neo cons. It was Democrat and Republican and that was that. Sure there were negative ads but it stopped at ripping out a candidates kidney while he was giving a speech. There was much more class it seemed to me. Maybe the kidney ripping is happening this time because neither candidate has an answer to our problems this time around, and its it’s the only way they feel they can justify their existence. Back then I thought Ronnie could fix anything, and on most occasions he really did. People felt that comfort, from both sides of the aisle.

I’m not a freak about all this but I do like a strong defense, low taxes and real fiscal responsibility, the latter was pissed away entirely the last eight years. I’m goofy like that.

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