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I have never recommended anything on this site unless you want to count the boring, obnoxious, redundant google ads that do happen to appear. The ads do however buy Mrs. Upside and I the best dinner with the best bottle of wine a couple of times a month. I say why not?

But I did want to make everyone aware (if you aren’t already) with a dynamite free service called Twitter. It was created by some very bright guys, one of whom is Howard Lindzon, blogosphere buddy, Wallstrip founder, web impresario and boy genius. StockTwits is an open, community-powered investment idea and information service. You can think of it as Bloomberg for the little guy and gal. Eavesdrop on what traders and investors are talking about RIGHT NOW or contribute to the conversation and build your reputation and following as a savvy market wizard.

Some of the people in my community, I consider must reads on a daily basis. I twitter with current and former hedge fund guys like me, venture capital guys, analysts, arb guys, M&A guys (yes they are still around), the Najarians from Fast Money, ex- baseball players who now trade for themselves, great technical players, editors and writers of major new and old media sites and publications. And the list does go on. For a guy like me that truly “does know it all”, I learn something new everyday. Many of these guys have become my friends too.

So if you haven’t signed up, or if you just want to “lurk” and absorb the flow, you should check it out. Here is the very brief “how to” from Howard. I know he was sitting in his speedos when he did the video. Your humble Upsidetrader is even mentioned in the video. Enjoy, and hopefully I will see you on Twitter!!

Newsletter will be out within the hour.

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