What Will the Market Do When We Run Out Of Buffetts?

The Oracle does not play on the no pass line and he is all in with a stake in GE. I guess GS and GE is really not a bad start and I’m sure Berkshire shareholders will be rewarded at some point down the road. Just not right away. And I love how the Sage of Omaha is using his juice with CNBC to throw out the possibility of getting government terms to play in the sub prime sand box. Will this be a thank you from the Feds for his help with GS and GE? Good for him if it is. Stay tuned.

But seriously, what will we do when we run out of captains of industry like Buffett? Sure he is setting the table, but there is no one on deck, unless the government just rolls over and allows private equity and the Bill Grosses of the world to play the game. I say why not? Their all chomping at the bid to do it, let them do it. Mucho dinero has been raised in the last month by new and existing hedge funds to rummage through the carnage to find value. They are calling themselves “opportunity funds.” Well,if they say so. I have two buddies at two different funds up in Greenwich that are doing exactly that. I say let the guys that helped cause the problem, solve the problem. There is a ton of money out there even though the media will make us think we will be on line at a soup kitchen tomorrow. We are getting past the fear stage, now it’s time for the greed stage. It’s all part of the natural fear and greed dynamic on Wall St. Ain’t it a kick?

I’ll check in later.

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