Weekend Linky Dinks

What a week it was and this is actually the second “weekend” where things can change the dynamic on Monday. Here are some links of interest.

Why pay retail for a bank these days?

Is Aubrey McClendon putting in a bottom in nat gas?

Let’s short China?

Roubini on TARP

Selling longs but not shorting. Are drug stores and jewelers financials?

O’Reilly goes off on Bush, Barney and “conservative” talk radio. Hysterical, give the man a xanax.

Amy Crackhouse was once human

Perma bull Ben Stein apologizes to Doug Kass. Now if Kudlow and Cramer could just apologize to America.

Still no relief for basic materials, my favorite short space.

And my stock shorts should fold like my Mets

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