But Don’t Call It A Bailout

The blah blah blah goes on and on and it will be solved. There will be more back room deals cut in the next day or so than in a midnight crap game in Bangkok. I’m long a bit of the index etf’s for SPX and DJI and closed up.

This is such a tight trading range and almost impossible to make any real money but I got a sense that when things resolve themselves they will want a few names. One being JPM. I think at one point Paulson passed gas and it moved a point in about four minutes. Those are the tells for me anyway, and yes I did catch that point. I have two screens that I’ve used exclusively now for about six months, one has all the financials on it, the other has all commodities on it. That has been the only play for the last year anyway and that is where the money flow has been.

I hate following conventional wisdom with my current thought process but I do think the market is pre conditioning itself for a big move up. I’m still very bearish but I’m a trader so it doesn’t matter how I make it. This is the most manipulated market in our history, with the shorting aspect out of the equation I can’t make a case for doom-at least for a few days.

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