No Place to Hide

What do you expect the market to do when the Emperor and his Parliament employ rules of mass confusion with a days notice? Hell, we’ll figure it out-it’s only a multi-trillion dollar beast that you moved the goal posts on.

Well, the financials were down 8% without folks having the ability to short. Isn’t the irony delicious? The commodities started off strong enough but faded, and oil was up $20 a barrel at one point and CNBC is back with the “AMERICAS ENERGY CRISIS” banner plastered on the tube. Didn’t we just slay that beast? I guess not. Yea, I know, something to do with the front month contract expiring. But $20?? Damn, we have to go get those speculators that caused the short squeeze. Let’s see what Paulson does if there is ever a short squeeze in the financials. I sure hope he and his buddies in Congress attack it with the same passion as the oil speculators and the financial shorts. I propose a ” NO BUY LIST” so all of us shorts can have a grand old time. We’ll barbecue after, it will be fun.

I’m just wondering if Goldman will be paying Fidelity with toaster ovens instead of research for order flow now? I forgot you can’t do that anymore either.

By the way check out stockjockey over at 1440 Wall St. who has an amazing blog and a nice post on today’s oil move and the possibility of more hedge fund implosions. I couldn’t agree more.

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