Putting a Band Aid On Cancer

I couldn’t post because I switched back to Cablevison from Fios and was temporarily without internet service for a day. Heads up, Fios sucks.

It was a wild week and the world put the kabosh on short selling. How can the market not explode higher when the when the powers that be remove a viable and legitimate investment strategy? This rule is in place I believe until Oct. 2 but they have the right to extend it and they probably will. I guess they don’t care about all the short only funds that will be going out of business soon.

I didn’t even trade from about 10 am on Friday as it was silly to chase and I couldn’t short. The landscape has officially changed so it’s time to rethink and reanalyze. I’ve been out of the news flow for a day, so I have to catch up and figure out the next move.

How did everyone fare these last few days?, let me know I’m curious.

Welcome to the New World Order and the U.S.S.A THE UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA

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