The Calm Before The Storm?

What a wild morning session it was. I’ve been nailing some beauties over on twitter if you have had the time to take a look. The big twitter winners so far were long SMN for over a buck and short on UYG at $25 and a short on RIMM AT $101.86 which dropped almost $3 pretty quick. Trying my best to throw some flow out there.

Well the commodity rally didn’t last long and tech is getting pounded. The financials seem to be holding this market up. Should they fail–watch out below. The afternoon in my opinion will tell the tale as to where this market wants to go short term.

P.S. I received a bunch of e-mails from readers who can’t see the “upsidereads” section over to the right. It works fine on Firefox but folks with internet explorer(IE7) are having problems opening it. If there are any “techies” out there that can give me some advice, just shoot me an e-mail. You should all download firefox anyway-kicks exploreres ass.

Good Luck

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