Hamptons Volatility?

That’s Kelly Ripa posing in Hamptons Magazine, you haven’t made it until you made the cover. I’m on the waiting list.

Oh the days of lounging on the beach in the Hamptons. I rented a home in the summer for years there back in the day. I was West Hamapton, I guess considered white trash by the the East Hampton faithful of today. Lizzie Grubman would look at me today with an “as if” look and walk away. I’m tired of the Hamptons excuse for volatility, although it is in fact probably part of the dynamic. The media just loves to say the Hamptons, as if Martha’s Vineyard or “The Cape” was so last decade.

Funny how when the market soared on Friday, I didn’t here as much about the light volume. I heard some, but not a ton of rhetoric by the pundits. I guess everbody is just hanging in the Hamptons.Look, it’s summer and it’s slow, and market moves are magnified, just hit the offer with 2000 shares of anything and you look like a multi-billion dollar hedge fund taking a size position. It cuts both ways, and it will this week, so be ready

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