The greenback exploded this week and that was the catalyst for the implosion in commodities. This mornings blog was pretty right on with regard to how to play the move. I was short all the names on that list as well as long the UAUA which gave some good opportunities to get long. I’ve been trading “around ” the agriculture stocks, both long and short this week but I’m glad I am still short AGA, which is the double short ag, etf which I have had since Monday.

I really missed the long side move in technology this week as I was caught up in the commodity sector. I will be looking for opportunities over the weekend in that space. This commodity money has to go somewhere and I think that group will be home sweet home for a while. The financials are way over bought and I will be looking for shorts there for next week.

Charts that lightly breached support today were APA and MEE. Absent a recovery rally, these two look destined for the graveyard as well as many others that I will post this weekend. I posted their charts last night, check them out. Also, I posted a bunch of charts last night stating that if we are to start a new bull run, those stocks on the list had to fail. Well,they all failed pretty well today and I hope you were able to take advantage.

Right now, the theme is STRONG DOLLAR AND SELL COMMODITIES. Don’t be crazy short though, wait for set ups, they will have a snap back rally, and you won’t want to get caught.

I am grabbing my honey and a beer and going out to dinner. Check you later.

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