AIG , WMT and The Jets

Well the analysts were looking for $31 billion in revenues for the quarter and they came in at $11.8 billion. Again, I want to thank the analyst community for the miss. How much do they pay these guys? The value added is just over the top. Yesterday I posted the absurdity of a buy and a sell on AIG on the same day by two different firms. I’ll never get it.

Where will the agriculture stocks go today? I had luck long the sector yesterday but today could be the opposite. Watching MOS, and POT.

And the Jets get Brett Favre. We’ll still go 9-7 but it should be interesting. Our receivers can’t catch his juice.

WMT could cause problems for retail today. I’m still short RTH. The stimulus checks have now worn off, so I expect the true colors to shine for all of the retailers. Ugly.

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