I’ve been called a stubborn Irishman before but this is ridiculous. I wasn’t long anything today as we rallied up over 300 pts. I was just hanging around with KOL,DRYS,GNK and MOS. The path of least resistance was undoubtedly up but my homework had me getting short those groups. I did ok, nothing dramatic but didn’t lose. It was tough to get long because we gapped up, then traded sideways and then it paused a bit after Bernanke, and then took off. My shorts were looking great and if not for the turn, probably would have done better. PCLN posted here as a short last month, was down about 15 points in the after market on their eps report. It’s trading around $97 in the after market. Check it out. Not a bad call. Wish I had some. There were some pretty nice ranges on the names I traded, but I had to be very light on my feet, and I traded a bunch of volume today.

Anybody take the lovely UAUA posted this morning?

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