Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Off The Hook At Headquarters

Today was just one of those days that you want to put in a bottle. Listed here are my three shorts. I posted WM this morning and shorted it at two different points as indicated by the arrows. The first short was held, I just shorted more into weakness. I’ve never discussed position size or how much money I make in a trade, but I had big size. I held a quarter position overnight but kicked the balance near the lows.

I was also short XME that I also posted mid morning but got stopped out as indicated by the blue arrows but re-entered at the red arrow with my approximate cover. CLF has been a favorite short as it has all the goodies that are getting slaughtered, the arrows are my entry and cover.


I also shorted WFR at 45 and covered at 39 and caught BIDU for a long for 12 points(luck) I had a good quarter today. I don’t know how this will present as my spacing abilities on blogger leave much to be desired.

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