My Gameplan

I have sold my CHK as I paid $62.50 in pre market. From watching this stock you really have to grab it early, it did the same thing yesterday. I kicked it at $65. FNM and FRE are in the bank as I killed em pre open and covered around the open. Again, same action a s yesterday, they opened down hard and rallied, I didn’t want to give up the beauty of a profit so I took it.

My game plan for the rest of the day is to either go surf fishing or wait to buy dips and sell rallies. I think I will hang around. I will be using any RALLIES short financials and buy DIPS on names like CHK. I want to correct a mistake in the earlier post. it was DXD not DDM that was in the buy list this morning. For the record I haven’t done any of the index etf’s yet today

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