Holy Melt Up Batman !!!!

From bottom to top it was about a 200 point move for the Dow and about 30 points for the SPX. We went out near the highs which is a good sign but I can’t drink the Kool-Aid just yet. We are carving out a bottom but we didn’t bottom in my opinion. The financials were impressive and I missed the entire move because I didn’t believe it would stick. It would be nice to get long for a change, I am just very suspect that this can last. I have been short the financials for so long, that I find it very challenging to change my mind set. With oil down like it is has been, I would have expected more like a 350-400 point moon shot today, but as usual it started later in the day so maybe we will see a continuation in the morning. I will be back in short order. MEE was awesome for me twice today and and I caught some RIMM for a buck and a half in the last hour. Those were my only two names today. More to come.

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