Happy Indepedence Day

This day has a lot of meaning to me, maybe more than some. It makes me think of how truly special our country really is and forces me to remember all those before me who gave their lives for our freedom. I had opened my hedge fund around mid 2001 and had just moved to the World Trade Center, Tower 1, 78 th floor around September 1st, 2001. I had just about hung my last painting on the wall and had my last computer delivered when the plane hit, about 20 floors above my office. I was the kid in school who always stayed at his desk during fire drills but not on this day. I lost good friends that day and the irony was that where I came from you either became a cop or fireman or ended up going to Wall Street. Many folks from my town died that day and it was truly a case of brother saving brother as the Wall Street guys were going down the stairs and the firemen were going up the stairs to rescue them. Many of them actually knew each other as they passed on the stairs. Enjoy the day and the beers and the dogs, but put 60 seconds aside to think about the big picture. God Bless and enjoy the weekend

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