Tuesday Morning

Lehman will report their first quarterly loss since going public in 1994. They may raise $6 billion and they raised $4billion back in February. Can you say dilution? Sounds like a Wachovia situation. Folks think this is a sign of more losses to come. I would keep this one on the radar today as well as possible further weakness in the financial sector. I have my eye on Japan as a short to possibly hold for a while,big problems developing there. EWJ is the play. I also think FSLR will be in trouble, I just don’t know if it will be today. They have problems with their product and the founder has dumped half his position, not a way to promote confidence. Oil is flat and futures are up slightly. Now the government is investigating the CFTC and oil trading because it’s the speculators fault that oil is where it is. This is brought to you by the same brilliant minds that shoved ethanol down our throats and give subsidies to multi millionaire farmers. The beat goes on.

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