I was done trading around 1:30 as I caught some beautiful gains on CCJ and TIE. The former was on the setup list last night, TIE was not. I found it, while I was doing homework before the market opened, both I think are going higher. I’m about a $1.20 from getting stopped on my USO short. I’ll either look brilliant on this or be whacked very soon. The setup list from last night did pretty well, with the exception of SEED which looked strong in pre market, then rolled over. I believe $7.62 is the breakout price but there wasn’t any volume. On my radar anyway. Most of those stocks on the list did well until we sold off. Needed a breather anyway. Windy on the beach today and the waves are pounding the sand much like FSLR got pounded today. Solars need a breather and need a rest. If oil stays strong, they will be great buying opportunities, if not, great shorting opportunities. SOLF is just a monster and I wish I held it longer. I am a solar believer long term but you will get your esophagus ripped out if you don’t trade them. Anyone know any solid wind plays. I feel so frigging green—-nah, I just want to make money.

Be back later with some charts.

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