Late Fade

So I acquiesced and bought a solar, actually two, SOLF and SPWR.I did great on both as I caught them early.What a group when their giddy up wants to go. What a give back though,especially FSLR which gave back about 10 points off the high. I hear a broker came out negative around 2pm. I thought the financials would try to rally but it ended up to be pretty lame. The DOW gave back about a 100 points off the high and some of the tech stocks were racing to close near their lows of the day. Not a healthy sign. The SPX is near a triple top around 1420-22. The NDX gave up all its gain and more, and broke its initial support. I am back in a little USO short, I was always told to trust my gut and I went against that yesterday. I’d rather be wrong than a wuss by not having exposure. I still like SOLF but it may need a rest.If oil does correct I wonder how the solars will react, really not a major correlation in the past. DRYS over a $100 again-wow.

I never owned an auto an airline or a retailer, but if the latter rallies further I will short the bejeezus out of the group.If this is just a rally in a bear market I will print money on the way down. I do think the consumer is in the crapper- and it will get much worse.

LEAP,SY,ADBE all acted fairly well today. Be careful, a hard rain might be coming.

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