Surprised We Weren’t Lower

Groundhog day as usual as it relates to the markets mood. I posted earlier that I felt the market was teasing us. The last hour caught a rally which pissed me off because I want a thrust down that will make me feel I can play in the sand box again without having to look over my shoulder every nanosecond. The market will never make it that easy for any of us though. Decliners led advancers on the NYSE and NAZZ and downside volume led on both indices, nothing to get excited about at all. I think we are close to a big down down day this week and it can’t come soon enough to satisfy me. Stocks mentioned recently as shorts are doing fine.

CMG- acted well, needs more volume, the real trap door is a break of $95-96–90 soon
DECK- down $5 but give me more volume so we can kill this pig

LONG-gotta love NOC by the way, total luck on this one folks,not every day you get a $40 billion contract. I always say I’ll take it any way I can get it. I will be back later, God willing.

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