Give a Man a Fish…..

he eats for a day,give the Fed chairman a microphone and he scares the crap out of the stock market. When you you tell the market that more banks will fail it has a tendency to dwarf by comparison any good news that recently has tried to come out. Record prices for gold and oil and a new low in the dollar provided a very worrisome backdrop for stocks. Also today, there were margin calls arising at some financial institutions as a result of Alt-A mortgage backed securities being marked down. Also a major hedge fund started sending money back to investors,or what was left of it. This all makes for a lousy market, I”m just silly like that. If you own steel,oil and minerals you are probably in good shape and if you don’t you have been roughed up. I will probably lay low tomorrow and observe as I have problems trading on Friday’s. Don’t know why, but I suck. Good Luck tomorrow

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