There are no triple bottoms?

We shall soon see as that is what is seriously developing on SPX and DJI. We will find out if they hold em or fold em. However, be ready for what could be setting up for a vicious upside rally. I would love to open down on Monday with a thrust. It will make it easier to play it long. I hate when they gap em up. Are we in a recession? Didn’t the brilliant talking heads call “six” of the last “two ” recessions? Looks like we may be there this time. The textbook definition says two strait quarters of negative GDP growth puts you in the big R. There is so muck freaking liquidity on this planet-it’s got to go somewhere-I say the market is gonna be fine.

QSC- I still love the chart and it looked like it was on its way on Friday until Mr. Market took the punch bowl away.
RIMM- good support at $97 level,lets see if it holds
AAPL- ya gotta love it here-mac world around the corner

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