Biotech Outperforms

The indexes were flat today, but there was some good action in certain spots.  Many of the sector etf's I follow were either red today or just up slightly with the exception of biotech which had another good day as XBI was +2.0%.  So good relative strength.

ONCE had a +2.0% today and really looks like it wants to rip.

LABU which I added the other day popped 6% today to close at 64.50. We added this at 61 the other day, so so far so good.

More setups to watch include; IMGN, CALA, and JUNO

The names from the other night all still look good too.

XBI broke solidly above its 50-day moving average today.  IBB is still just a little shy.

Anyway, it was interesting to see biotech exhibit such fine relative strength today.  See you in the morning.