Morning Market Look: Blackberry Is a Wooly Mammoth

wooly 300x236 Morning Market Look: Blackberry Is a Wooly Mammoth

Futures are nicely green this morning as Europe is rallying back after being soft yesterday. More paper millionaires will  get monetized tonight as Twitter ($TWTR) goes public. The IPO runway is on fire now as everyone wants that window.

Bloomberg reported that a 36,000 year old wooly mammoth was found frozen in Siberia yesterday……next to a Blackberry Curve.

Wells Fargo $WFC is now getting probed for mortgages.

We’ll find out tomorrow if the Eurozone cuts rates or not.

$VALE looks good and earnings are after the close.

$SCTY has a phenomenal chart, but it will ultimately come down to earnings tonight.

$P looks good on the daily and is near a breakout spot.

$ANF reported crappy same store sales, I’m long $AEO so I’m getting punched in the neck right now.

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Joe Donohue

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