Special Dividends, It’s What All the Cool Kids Are Doing

The big cash hording companies are trying to get that cash out the door. Taxes suck so pay it forward. $LVS and $WYNN just announced one. $COST just announced a $3 billion special dividend and $WMT will get their dividend out the door early for tax reasons.

So who is the next Big Kahuna to play this game?

I have to believe $AAPL steps up to the plate, it only makes sense. Oh, and the stock will rip.

aapl24 300x197 Special Dividends, Its What All the Cool Kids Are Doing

Joe Donohue

Joe is a full time trader with 25 years experience. He is a senior contributor and investor in Stocktwits and has been seen on CNN Money and quoted in Marketwatch, Forbes, Reuters, NY Times and Wall Street Journal.