Big Red Flags

The agricultural space got crushed today. Lows in the sector were being hit  in unison, a sign institutions cant get out fast enough. Breaking support levels on big volume in never good. Watch this group for lower prices. Hands will be lost catching these knives. I will be shorting rips.  $CF, $POT, $MOS, $AGU

cf23 300x197 Big Red Flags
pot 2 300x198 Big Red Flags


agu2 300x199 Big Red Flags


mos21 300x197 Big Red Flags

The Euro is close to breaking support. If it breaks, the dollar may rip higher and cause some more short term pain. This caused me pain in my energy longs today and I took stops. That is either an epic falling wedge on the euro or the beginning of a meltdown.

euro21 300x185 Big Red Flags

The Greenback. Rallying as the euro falls.

dollar9 300x186 Big Red Flags
The Dollar

More melodrama updates tomorrow.


Joe Donohue

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